Happy Halloween

This month we dedicated our classes to Halloween.

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Incredible how creative some people are.


I got this cute idea from http://www.howdoesshe.com/use-your-noodle-quick-and-cheap-spring-butterfly-decor/#comment-403103

please find your way to this talented woman: Kerri King.


I think this will be a great present for moms on mother’s day.

We are definitely going to adapt this idea. Thanks!


Eine wunderschöne Idee, um Federn zu verschönern.

If you want to know, how to get these:


out of these:


click on:

DIY Painted Feathers

A wonderful activity to do with your children.

Auch schön für das nächste Fastnachtskostüm, die nächste selbst genähte Tasche oder einfach als Deko.

Spring arrived!

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Spring has arrived.

The flowers bloom and most of the children are playing outside.

Thanks to all the kindergarteners who are taking the children outside and paying attention on them while they explore the nature.

I saw a group of children walking into the forest with their kindergarteners today. It is so lovely to see kids having fun with grass, tress, leaves and flowers.