Learning English with Artists Kandinsky and Klimt.

So we decided that we wanted to teach our children more about art and artists.
Starting to do so, we introduced Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life and Wassily Kandinsky’s Squares with Concentric Circles.

Look for yourselves what our children have done there.

Wir haben uns dazu entschieden unseren Schülern Kunst und Künstler noch näher zu bringen. Angefangen haben wir in dieser Woche mit Gustav Klimas “Tree of Life” und Wassily Kandinskys “Squares with Concentric Circles”.

Seht selbst, was die Kinder daraus gemacht haben.

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child’s birthday in the classroom

diy birthday candy bar.jpg

This week it was the 6th birthday for one of my students.
Of course this needs to be celebrated. I bought party-hats for the children and baked little muffins.
As a way to make them participate in the language class, they get a treat when they have completed a game or a difficult worksheet and participated well.

So for this special day I decided to make the “treat” look special, too.

This craft can be done very easily. I used:

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