child’s birthday in the classroom

diy birthday candy bar.jpg

This week it was the 6th birthday for one of my students.
Of course this needs to be celebrated. I bought party-hats for the children and baked little muffins.
As a way to make them participate in the language class, they get a treat when they have completed a game or a difficult worksheet and participated well.

So for this special day I decided to make the “treat” look special, too.

This craft can be done very easily. I used:

  • styrofoam
  • paint and brush
  • cups in three different colours
  • napkins
  • a lot of hot glue
  • candy
  • paper streamer

IMG_4478.JPGFirst you have to fill the cup with candy. In the end you can even add a streamer to make the cup look full to bursting.


Then you put the cup upside down on the napkin (I found out that this is the easiest way). Be careful!! I burnt my fingertips like 30 times 😀

IMG_4481.JPGThen your cups might look like this. Of course you can involve your children. They can colour the cups in different colours with paint or they can use washi tape and glitter to make the cups more special.IMG_4484.JPG

After that your cups are ready to be glued onto the styrofoam. This is what it looked after the children got their treats. The reason some of my cups didn’t stick to the styrofoam was that I didn’t wait long enough for the paint to dry. So it’s best to paint the styrofoam a day before you stick the cups on it. IMG_6232


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